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Mission statement: Through this website, EPA aims to monitor the regulatory developments surrounding polyols and to provide scientifically-based information about polyols to any interested parties including consumers, health practitioners and regulatory bodies. What are they? How are they being used? What is their purpose? How are they labelled? You will find that polyols are used in a wide range of applications and serve many purposes, not only in food, but also with respect to human health.

Polyols are versatile ingredients for food (re-)formulation

New nutrition policies are developed all over the world with the aim to contribute to the prevention of overweight and obesity, and subsequently to the prevention of a number of associated non-communicable diseases. These policies often insist on the need for healthy formulated foods as part of a global approach.

Poyols are bulking ingredients with many technological properties similar to sugars, with varying degrees of sweetness (less or the same as sucrose). In addition they have proven benefits in terms of dental health, improved glycaemic control and calorie-reduction. These properties make them a unique asset in healthy food formulation.

To learn more about the benefits of polyols for food (re-)formulation, please download our brochure here.

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